Removal of Milltown Dam Earns Support of Montana Governor and EPA


At her State of the State speech on January 21st, Montana Governor Judy Martz announced her support for and approval of the removal of Milltown Dam located on the Clark Fork River in Montana. The next day, the Environmental Protection Agency released a proposed clean-up plan that endorsed the removal of both toxic sediment and the dam.

“ [T]onight, I am announcing that I am placing the full support of my office behind removal of the Milltown Dam,” Martz told a surprised audience and a thrilled citizenry.

The tangle of regulatory bodies and corporate interests has made the decision regarding the fate of the dam controversial and politically charged. The EPA proposal to remove the dam should ride a much smoother road with the Governor' s endorsement.

Upstream mining has rendered the dam' s impoundment a toxic wasteland. The Environmental Protection Agency considers these waters a Superfund site and has spent years in the process of evaluating options for clean-up. Meanwhile, area citizens have been clamoring to remove the rickety old dam before toxics leech into the groundwater system or worse, the dam breaks.

Visit the Clark Fork Coalition website for more details.