PG&E begins outreach for McCloud Project

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PG&E has announced a set of formal outreach events to kick-off the relicensing for its 364 MW project on the McCloud River in northeastern California. The McCloud River is a legendary destination for anglers in search of the famed McCloud brown trout. Despite the large amount of private land surrounding the river to keep it relatively protection, PG&E's four dams near the river's headwaters divert up to 90% of the natural flow. This relicensing will officially begin in July 2006 when PG& E submits to FERC its Pre-Application Document, containing all existing and relevant information about the project. To encourage stakeholders to send PG&E information that should be included in the PAD, the company is holding a series of outreach events. Stakeholders who wish to submit information to the PAD must download PG&E's questionnaire. For more information contact:Curtis Knight, California Trout530-926-3755