FERC issues preliminary permit for Chakachamna project


FERC issued a preliminary permit for a proposed 330MW project on the Chakachamna River in Alaska. From FERC's Order Issuing Preliminary Permit (for docket P-12660):

The proposed Chakachamna Hydroelectric Project would be located at the existing Chakachamna Lake on the Chakachamna River in Kenai Peninsula Borough, Alaska. The proposed project would operate in run-of-river mode using the existing Chakachamna Lake, having a surface area of 17,842 acres at the historic maximum normal water surface elevation of 1,155 feet. The proposed project would raise the lake from its present 1,142-foot elevation level to its historic maximum normal water surface elevation of 1,155 feet and would consist of the following new facilities: (1) a proposed 49-foot-high, 600-foot-long rock-fill dam at the Chakachamna Lake outlet, (2) spillway with a crest elevation of 1,155 feet, (3) a 10-mile-long, 24-foot-diameter concrete power tunnel, (4) four 10-foot-diameter steel-lined penstocks with upstream gates located in a gate chamber adjacent to the powerhouse, (5) a powerhouse containing four generating units with a total installed capacity of 330 megawatts, (6) two 230-kilovolt transmission lines, each approximately 42 miles long each, connecting to an existing power line, and (7) appurtenant facilities.