Preliminary Permit application for Oregon wave energy project


AquaEnergy Group Ltd. Filed a preliminary permit application for the proposed "Coos County Offshore Wave Energy Project," which would be located about 2-4 miles offshore southwest of Bandon, Oregon. FERC has issued formal notice, with a deadline for comments, protests, and interventions set for January 1, 2007.The permit application reserves a 23.3 square-mile site for study, although it claims that the final installed project area would be only 2-4 square miles. Here's FERC's description of the proposed project:

The proposed project would consist of: (1) 200-300 wave energy conversion buoys with a generating capacity of 200 kilowatts to 1 megawatt each consisting of; (2) integrated generators; (3) anchoring devices; and (4) interconnection transmission lines. The anticipated annual generation of the project will be approximately 175 gigawatt-hours.