FERC issues preliminary permit for Mississipi Lock and Dam No. 22


FERC issued a preliminary permit for another proposed 17.7-MW project on the Mississippi River in Missouri and Illinois. The project would use an existing Corps of Engineers dam. This permit goes to the City of Quincy, Illinois. A private developer had filed a competing permit, but FERC gave preference to the municipal applicant in this case. From the order (docket P-12725):

The project proposed by the City of Quincy would utilize the existing U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' Mississippi Lock and Dam No. 22, and would consist of: (1) a proposed powerhouse containing 16 generating units with a total installed capacity of 17.70 megawatts; (2) a proposed 10-mile-long, 69-kilovolt or a proposed 8-mile-long, 69-kilovolt or 11-mile-long, 34.5 kilovolt transmission line; and (3) appurtenant facilities. The average annual generation is estimated to be 81,429 megawatt hours.