Hydropower doesn't need any more loopholes

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Source: Palmer OPINIONSept. 3, 2015A bill pending in the U.S. Senate would give the hydroelectric industry and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission the kind of unconditional authority more akin to what the Robber... read more

States, tribes lose big in federal hydro ‘power grab’

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(This op-ed appreared on The Hill on July 20, 2015)States, tribes lose big in federal hydro ‘power grab’By John Seebach The hydropower industry is attempting a stunning power grab that would make it difficult-- if not impossible-- to ensure fish passage and other modern... read more

Dam legislation would hurt fish, rivers

Keywords: Region: op-ed appeared on The Oregonian on July 12.)Dam legislation would hurt fish, rivers (OPINION)By Bob IrvinParticipants at this week's HydroVision industry conference in Portland will talk about how... read more

Fish Kill Discovered on Lower Deschutes River

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The Fourth of July weekend saw the death of a dozen sockey salmon on the lower Deschutes River below the Pelton-Round Butte project. According to Deschutes River Alliance, the temperature of water discharged from Pelton-Round Butte Dam complex have been increasing as the dam operators are... read more

Op-ed: Maryland's authority to protect the Chesapeake is in jeopardy

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Read an op-ed by Bob Irvin, president of American Rivers on the Baltimore Sun.( and its economy depend on a healthy Chesapeake Bay. Right now, the state is negotiating with energy company Exelon over... read more

Coalition testifies against a bad hydro discussion draft

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The Hydropower Reform Coalition went before the House Subcommittee on Energy and Power yesterday to testify against a bad discussion draft that would shift the balance over management of water resources and strip federal agencies and states of their authorities to protect the resources they have... read more

FERC Renews Yadkin Pee-Dee License for 40 years

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On April 1, 2015, FERC issued a new license for the 108.6 MW Yadkin-Pee Dee hydroelectric project in North Carolina. The project has been operating with an annual license since the license expired in 2008.As part of the license condition and settlement agreement, Duke Energy will provide upstream... read more

Federal Agencies Extend MOU for Hydropower Development

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The Departments of the Interior and Energy and the Department of the Army for Civil Works (Army Corps of Engineers) announced that they have extended their partnership to advance hydropower development for an additional five years. The new agreement is an extension of the Memorandum of... read more

Colette Honorable of Arkansas to Join FERC as its Newest Commissioner

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The US Senate has confirmed the nomination of Colette Honorable of Arkansas to be a Commissioner at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.Ms. Honorable was endorsed by the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee on December 11.Honorable has served on the Arkansas Public Service Commission... read more

Another Look at Enloe Dam Says the Project Is Still Uneconomical

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Conservation Groups and members of the Hydropower Reform Coalition today released an updated economics report by Rocky Mountain Econometrics (RME) on the proposed re-generation of power at Enloe Dam on the Similkameen River.An original study was completed in 2011 that showed that the project would... read more