FERC Staff Issue Final EIS for Big Creek Projects

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has issued the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) for the four hydroelectric projects on the Big Creek System, located in Fresno and Madera Counties in California.The four projects are owned by Southern California Edison (SCE) and include Mammoth Pool Project (P-2085), Big Creek Nos.

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FERC Rejects Climate Change Study

In a move that has disappointed many, FERC has rejected a request to predict and evaluate the changes in project effects that will occur as a result of climate change that is likely to impact the local patterns of precipitation, runoff, evapo-transpiration and other meteorological patterns in two watershed in California.


New Reports Support Removal of Klamath Dams

Three new reports show that removing the four dams on Klamath River will benefit the health of the river and salmon in the long run.

A joint press release issued by American Rivers and the Karuk Tribe, states that the removal of the dams will have relatively minor negative effects in the short-run, will not require sediment removal, but will be beneficial to salmon and water quality without incurring any increased flood risk to downstream residents.

FERC releases EA for DeSabla-Centerville (P-803)

FERC has issued an EA for relicensing of the DeSabla- Centerville hydroelectric project (P-803) located on the Butte Creek and the West Feather River in Butte County, California.The 26.6-megawatt project consists of three developments (Toadtown, DeSabla, and Centerville), which collectively include three reservoirs, three powerhouses, 14 diversion and feeder dams, five canals, and associated equipment and transmission facilities.