Studies Show PacifiCorp Could Remove Dams Safely, Cheaply

Contact: Steve Rothert, American Rivers, 530-277-0448
Curtis Knight, California Trout, 530-926-3755
Chuck Bonham, Trout Unlimited, 510-528-4164
Brian Barr, World Wildlife Fund, 541-488-2716

Historic Settlement Signed at Pelton Round Butte

A 2004 historic settlement agreement will allow fish to pass three enormous dams on the mainstem Deschutes for the first time in decades. Co-signed by joint owners Portland General Electric and Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs and 20 other agencies and organizations, the settlement agreement restores flow, water quality and fish habitat through the project area.


Thirsty For More: Augusta Shoals Appeals Water Quality Certification

The Coastal Conservation League and American Rivers appealed Georgia's water quality certification for the City of Augusta's operation on the Augusta Canal and Diversion Dam. Lack of terms and conditions for any stream flow to be maintained in the four-mile long Augusta Shoals, a stretch of river whose flow is diverted at the dam, served as the basis for January' s appeal.


Integrated Licensing Process (ILP): Testing the Waters

Adopted in 2003, the ILP was developed to increase process efficiency and integrate development of the license application with FERC's environmental analysis. After July 23, 2005, the ILP will be the default and a licensee must request authorization to use the Traditional Licensing Process (TLP) or the Alternative Licensing Process (ALP). Seven FERC projects, representing nearly every region of the United States, are the first to use the ILP and are hence the " guinea pigs" for the rest of the country.

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