Hatchery Policy to Determine Future of Wild Salmon Runs

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Whether or not you've seen the billboards, you should visit the Why Wild website to learn:

  • Why wild salmon are special and important
  • Why a proposed federal hatchery policy does not protect wild salmon
  • What you can to restore protections to wild salmon.

A recent press release:

Trout Unlimited's Statement on Federal Salmon Hatchery Policy

See Trout Unlimited's blueprint for 21st century hatchery reform.

Statement on Federal Salmon Hatchery Policy

4/29/2004 -- Washington -- North America' s largest trout and salmon organization, Trout Unlimited (TU), today criticized a proposal by the federal government to count hatchery fish in determining whether to protect salmon and steelhead under the Endangered Species Act.


Maine's "Best and Worst River Stories" from 2003 Draws Attention

Maine Rivers' "2003 Best and Worst River Stories" has drawn attention to several river issues in Maine. The list, which was created with input from state-wide grass-roots organizations, highlights rivers around the state that have seen stunning improvements or have suffered major set-backs in the past year. The "Best" list featured more protective water quality standards on the Kennebec River.

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