Moira Sound : P-14285

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  • P-14285
  • Various
  • Alaska
  • AK
  • 20.40 MW
  • Proposed
  • Conventional


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  • 02-15-2012
  • 01-31-2015
  • Alaska Power & Telephone


The proposed project is a complex of 10 discrete hydropower projects as delineated below:

1. Aiken

  • 40-foot-high, 300-foot-long, rock-filled dam;
  • 800-foot-long, 5-foot-wide by 7-foot-long tunnel to
  • 2,700-foot-long, 30-inch-diameter penstock;
  • 1.3-mile-long, 34.5 kV transmission line;
  • 2-mile-long road.


2. Dickman

  • 60-foot-high, 300-foot-long, rock-filled dam;
  • 3,300-foot-long, 48-inch-diameter penstock to
  • 1,900-foot-long, 42-inch-diameter penstock;
  • 2.4-mile-long, 34.5 kV transmission line;
  • 2.4-mile-long road, 0.9-mile-long road.


3. Lower Kugel

  • 65-foot-high, 300-foot-long, rock-filled dam;
  • 900-foot-long, 60-inch-diameter to 2000-foot-long, 52-inch-diameterl penstock;
  • 0.2-mile-long, 69 KV transmission line:
  • 1.6 miles road.


4. Middle Kugel

  • 40-foot-high; 300-foot-long, concrete dam:
  • 6,700-foot-long, 54-inch-diameter penstock;
  • 2.2-mile-long, 34.5 kV transmission line:
  • 2.9-mile-long road.


5. Upper Kugel

  • 60-foot-high, 500-foot-long, rock-filled dam;
  • 1,300-foot-long, 36-inch-diameter penstock;
  • 0.5-mile-long, 34.5 kV transmission;
  • 0.8-mile-long road.


6. Lower Luelia

  • 45-foot-high, 150-foot-long, rock-filled dam;
  • 800-foot-long, 42-inch-diameter penstock to
  • 700-foot-long, 36-inch-daimeter penstock;
  • 2.6-mile-long, 69 kV transmission line;
  • 3.6-mile-long road, 2.6-mile-long road, 1.2-mile-long road.


7. Middle Luelia

  • 500-foot-long, 48-inch-diameter penstock to 1,200-foot-long, 42-inch-diameter penstock;
  • 1.1-mile-long 69 kV transmission line;
  • 0.6-mile-long road, 0.6-mile-long road.


8. Upper Luelia

  • 10-foot-high, 100-foot-long, concrete dam;
  • 1,100-foot-long, 30-inch-diameter penstock;
  • 1.5-mile-long, 69 kV transmission line;
  • 1.1-mile-long road, 0.2-mile-long road.


9. Lower Niblack

  • 30-foot-high, 250-foot-long, rock-filled dam;
  • 900-foot-long, 36-inch-diameter penstock;
  • 0.7-mile-long, 34.5 kV transmission line;
  • 0.8-mile-long road, 0.2-mile-long road.


10. Middle Niblack

  • 50-foot-high, 1,100-foot-long, rock-filled dam;
  • 3,400-foot-long, 36-inch-diameter penstock;
  • 1.3-mile-long, 69 kV transmission line;
  • 2.0-mile-long road, 0.6-mile-long road.


11. Upper Niblack

  • 10-foot-high, 100-foot-long, concrete dam;
  • 900-foot-long, 18-inch-diameter penstock to 2,200-foot-long, 18-inch-diameter penstock;
  • 1.5-mile-long, 69 kV transmission line;
  • 1.3-mile-long road.



Part of project would affect rivers eligible for WSR (Tongass Forest Plan)

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