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The next half-century of hydro

From Trout Unlimited  |  5/26/2022

How hydropower relicensing clears a path for migratory trout and salmon


Eel River Dams License Expires, Opening Long Road to Dam Removal

From American Whitewater  |  4/14/2022


Klamath Dam Removal Process Enters Home Stretch

From California Trout, American Rivers, Trout Unlimited, American Whitewater  |  2/25/2022

Today the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) released its draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) on the proposed removal of the lower four Klamath River dams. The public is now invited to comment on the DEIS which describes the impacts and benefits of the project.


Native American Tribes and Dam Removal: Restoring the Ottaway, Penobscot and Elwha Rivers

Case Studies › Recommended reading › Tribal ResourcesFrom Water Alternatives, Hydropower Reform Coalition  |  2/2/2022