A-Drop : P-12549

[ Archived / decommissioned ]

Waterway: Greensfield Canal (Sun River)

Authorized capacity: 1 mW

License issued:
License expires:


The A-Drop Project will use irrigation flows from the Greenfields Main Canal, a water distribution facility of Reclamation’s Sun River Project.   The Sun River Project gets its water from the Sun River (a tributary of the Missouri River) and its tributaries.  Irrigation flows are provided in accordance with the needs of the Greenfields Irrigation District, which manages and administers the water, as well as operates the canal.

The A-Drop Project will consist of:  a new approximately 6.5-foot-high, 8-foot-wide inflatable weir spanning the 50-foot-wide canal floor at the upstream end of the A-Drop canal drop structure;  a new intake structure; a new 288-foot-long, 8-foot-diameter buried penstock leading to a new powerhouse containing a Francis or propeller turbine-generator unit with a rated output of 1,000 kW; a new approximately 130-foot-long, 8-foot-wide buried tailrace discharging flows back into the drop structure’s stilling pool and other appurtunent facilities.

FERC terminated the license for this project in November 2013 for failure to commence construction on time.



License Issued 10-19-2009
License Application Filed 03-31-2008
EA Issued 12-19-2008