Angelo Dam Project : P-13417

[ Active ]

Waterway: La Crosse River

Authorized capacity: 0.21 mW

License issued: 12/28/2012
License expires: 11/30/2052

Licensee: Western Technical College

The 205-kilowatt (kW) project licensed in Dec 2012 will be located at Angelo dam on the La Crosse River in the Township of Angelo, Monroe County, Wisconsin. The dam is currently owned and operated by Monroe County.

Angelo Dam consists of an earthen embankment with a maximum height of 14 feet and a spillway with a short, non-overflow section. The dam has a total length of 615.5 feet. The spillway and non-overflow sections are constructed of reinforced concrete and have a total length of 91.5 feet.

In addition to the existing dam and reservoir, the proposed project will consist of the following new structures: (1) a 22.84-foot-long by 16.08-foot-wide trashrack with 2-inch clear bar spacing installed at the intake in the non-overflow section; (2) a 20-foot by 20-foot by 20-foot reinforced concrete box forebay; (3) a 26-foot-long by 24.5-foot-wide by 40-foot-high powerhouse located at the right abutment of the dam containing a 205-kW vertical, double-regulated Kaplan turbine; (4) a 30-foot-long, 480-volt overhead transmission line connecting the powerhouse generator to a step-up transformer located on a pole which is part of Northern States Power’s 2.7-kilovolt distribution line; and (5) appurtenant facilities. The estimated annual project generation will be about 950 megawatt-hours (MWh).

Source: FERC