Cedar Creek : P-2103

[ Active ]

Waterway: Cedar Cr(Pend Oreille R)

Authorized capacity: 0 mW

License issued: 12/7/2001
License expires: 7/31/2052

Licensee: Waneta Holdings (Us) Inc.

The Cedar Creek Project has no facilities or generating capacity. It consists of the 2.4 acres of BLM land in the US that are periodically inundated as a result of theWaneta Project’s operation.

The Waneta Project is located in Canada on the Pend Oreille River and consists of Waneta dam, a powerhouse with 400.3 MW capacity.

This project is required to be licensed under the Federal Power Act, because it is located in part on federal lands. Although FERC has no jurisdiction over the main project, it has jurisdiction over the part of the project which is in the US and is thus required to act on the project.



License Issued 12-07-2001