Culinary Water System Project : P-13301

[ Active ]

Waterway: None

Authorized capacity: 0.23 mW

License issued: 10/9/2009
License expires: 9/30/2049

Licensee: Town Of Afton, wy

The Town of Afton, WY possesses the license for this 225 kW project to be located on the town’s existing Culinary Water Supply System near the town of Afton in Lincoln County, Wyoming. This project will be located entirely within the Bridger-Teton National Forest and will occupy approximately eight acres of federal land.

The proposed project would use flows from the Periodic Springs, which supplieswater for the Town of Afton’s municipal water system. The project would divert up to 12 cfs of the flow from the watersupply system to use for power generation after which the Town would return the water to the water supply system for treatment and municipal consumption.

The power generated would be delivered through thegenerator leads to the existing 12.5 kV distribution system at the Culinary Water Treatment Plant; therefore, the project will not have a primary transmission line.



License Application Filed 04-01-2009
Minor License Issued 10-09-2009