Curtis/Palmer Falls : P-2609

[ Active ]

Waterway: Hudson R

Authorized capacity: 58.8 mW

License issued: 4/27/2000
License expires: 4/30/2040

Licensee: Curtis/Palmer Hydroelectric Co

The Curtis/Palmer Falls Project consists of two separate developments: Curtis and Palmer Falls, which are operated in coordination with an extensive storage system located in the headwaters of the Hudson River.

The Project has a total installed capacity of 58.8MW and an average annual generation of approximately 300,000MWh.

The Curtis development, located furthest upstream, consists of;

  • a 25-foot-high
  • 743-foot-long
  • concrete dam with a 714-foot-long spillway section topped by 46-inch-high wooden flashboards
  • a 5.9-mile-long impoundment with a surface area of 390 acres at a normal high water elevation of 548.8 feet
  • a gated powerhouse intake structure
  • a powerhouse containing five generator units with a total installed capacity of 10.8 MW, and
  • appurtenant facilities.

The Palmer Falls development is located approximately 2,700 feet downstream of the Curtis development and consists of:

  • a 37-foot-high, 486-foot-long, concrete dam with a 346-foot-long spillway section topped with a 6-foot-high Bridgestone inflatable rubber dam
  • a 2,700-foot-long impoundment with a surface area of 28 acres at a normal pond elevation of 522.9 feet
  • a gated intake structure
  • a powerhouse
  • two 20-foot-diameter, 220-foot-long and 260-foot-long penstocks extending from the intake structure to the powerhouse
  • a powerhouse containing two generator units with a total installed capacity of 48 MW, and
  • appurtenant facilities.


License Application 04-13-1993
License Issued 04-27-2000