East Foreland : P-13821

[ Proposed ]

Waterway: Cook Inlet

Authorized capacity: 0 mW

License issued: 6/16/2014
License expires: 5/31/2016


The proponent of the project applied to renew the preliminary permit for the proposed East Foreland tidal project in March 2014 after the existing permit expired. FERC issued a successive preliminary permit on June 16, 2014 which is valid for two years.

The proposed tidal energy project would be located in Cook Inlet in the vicinity of Nikiski, Alaska, in the Kenai Peninsula Borough.  The exact design, number of turbines or capacity is unknown at this point. The preliminary permit provides the following description for the project:

(1) a series of 150-kilowatt (kW) TideGen and/or 150-kW OCGen turbine-generator modules with a combined capacity between 5 megawatts (MW) and 100 MW; (2) a 1- to 8-mile-long, 13.5-kilovolt (kV) direct current underwater transmission cable from the module site to a shore station on the west coast of the Kenai Peninsula; (3) an approximately 0.25-mile-long, 4.16- to 34.5-kV alternating current transmission line connecting the shore station to a substation site located on the Kenai Peninsula; and (4) appurtenant facilities. The project is estimated to have an average annual generation between 13 and 340 gigawatt-hours.