Fowler #7 : P-6059

[ Active ]

Waterway: Oswegatchie R

Authorized capacity: 0.9 mW

License issued: 10/30/2002
License expires: 10/31/2032

Licensee: Fowler Hydro, LLC.

Fowler #7 is located on the Oswegatchie River in St. Lawrence County, near the village of Gouverneur, New York.

The project consists of 3 concrete gravity dams with wooden flashboards; a 3-acre reservoir at the normal pool elevation; a powerhouse containing three turbine/generating units having a total rated capacity of 900 kW; an intake structure with steel trashracks; one 23-kV transmission line; and appurtenant facilities.

The project provides average annual generation of 5,700,000 kilowatt-hours(KWh) when operated in run-of-river mode. The project has been operated in a run-of-river mode since 1982.


License Application Filed 01-02-2001
EA Issued 06-28-2002
License Order Issued 10-30-2002