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The proposed project would be located on the Gibson dam, owned by the Bureau of Reclamation, located inside the Lewis and Clark National Forest in Lewis and Clark and Teton Counties in Montana.

Reclamation’s Gibson dam and reservoir is an existing irrigation storage facility on the Sun River in northwestern Montana, approximately 19 miles northwest of Augusta, Montana.

Gibson dam is a concrete arch dam that is approximately 960 feet long at the crest.  The crest of the dam is at elevation 4,726 feet above mean sea level (msl), with a structural height of 199 feet.  The reservoir has a volume of 96,477 acre-feet of water at the normal high water elevation of 4,724 feet msl.



Application Filed 08-28-2009
Application Filed 08-28-2009
Draft EA Released 05-03-2011
Final EA Issued 01-12-2012
License Issued 01-12-2012