John P. King Mill : P-9988

[ Active ]

Waterway: Augusta Canal(Savannah R)

Authorized capacity: 2.13 mW

License issued: 8/3/2012
License expires: 10/31/2055

Licensee: Augusta Canal Authority

The project is located on the Augusta Canal, about 5.5 miles downstream of the Augusta Diversion Dam, which diverts water into the canal from the Savannah River. The King Mill project diverts water from the Augusta Canal and releases it into the Savannah River

The existing King Mill Project includes: (1) a 50-foot-long, 15-foot-high headgate and intake structure located on the Augusta Canal; (2) steel trashracks at the intake with 2-inch bar spacing; (3) a 200-foot-long, 40-foot-wide, concrete-lined, open flume head race leading from the intake structure to; (4) a 20-foot-long, 60-foot-wide brick and masonry powerhouse, located within a building that also houses a textile mill, containing two vertical shaft turbine/generator units with an installed capacity of 2.125 MW; (5) a 435-foot-long, 30-foot-wide, concrete-lined, open tailrace channel which returns flows to the Savannah River; and (6) appurtenant facilities. There are currently no project recreation facilities.

Source: FERC