Kinzua : P-2280

[ Active ]

Waterway: Allegheny R

Authorized capacity: 452.35 mW

License issued: 7/22/2015
License expires: 11/30/2065

Licensee: Seneca Generation, LLC.

Also known as the Seneca Project, this pumped storage project is located at the USACE Kinzua Dam on the Allegheny Riverand in the Allegheny National Forest approximately 9 miles upstream of Warren, PA, and about 60 miles southeast of Erie, PA.

While FirstEnergy owns and operates the hydroelectric Project, the USACE owns the Kinzua Dam and the lands adjacent to the dam.

With the license for the project expiring in 2015, FirstEnergy is looking to renew its license. The Seneca Nation tribe (that has its citizen’s living in Western New York along the Allegheny River where the project exists) has also shown interest in acquiring the project.

FERC issued a new license for this project on July 22, 2015 to Seneca Generation, LLC