Lake Dorothy : P-12379

[ Active ]

Waterway: Dorothy Creek/Lake

Authorized capacity: 14.3 mW

License issued: 12/24/2003
License expires: 11/30/2053

Licensee: Alaska Electric Light&Power Co

The proposed project would be located at Lake Dorothy on Dorothy Creek, near Juneau, Alaska.

The proposed project consists of:
(1) the 1,138-acre Lake Dorothy and 305-acre Bart Lake;
(2) a lake tap of Lake Dorothy to convey water to Bart Lake, located near the Lake Dorothy outlet about 143 feet below the water surface;
(3) a lake tap of Bart Lake about 119 feet below the normal water surface;
(4) an 8.8-acre access corridor, with an overall clearing limit of 60 to 80 feet, from the powerhouse to the Bart Lake tap and penstock interface;
(5) a 6,900-foot-long power conduit from Bart Lake, consisting of a lake tap, short power tunnel, and 60-inch-diameter above-ground penstock;
(6) a 49-foot-wide, 110-foot-long powerhouse with one 14.3-MW Pelton impulse-type turbine/generator;
(7) a 2.6-acre site near the Taku Inlet tidewater that would be used for the combined powerhouse, maintenance shop and emergency crew quarters and would also serve as the construction staging area;
(8) a 100 to 125-foot-long tailrace that discharges into Taku Inlet;
(9) a switchyard and substation located adjacent to the powerhouse with a 138-kilovolt (kV) circuit breaker and 13.8-kV/138-kV step up transformer;
(10) a 3.5-mile-long, 138-kV overhead transmission line from the powerhouse to an intertie switchyard located at the east terminal of Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority’s existing Snettisham Hydroelectric Project;
(11) a primitive access road from the powerhouse site to the Bart Lake lake tap and penstock interface; and
(12) other appurtenant facilities.