Lower St. Anthony Falls : P-12451

[ Active ]

Waterway: Mississippi R

Authorized capacity: 8.98 mW

License issued: 2/21/2006
License expires: 1/31/2056

Licensee: Saf Hydroelectric, LLC.

The project is located at the existing U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ (Corps) Lower St. Anthony Falls Lock and Dam (LSAF Lock & Dam) on the Mississippi River, in the city of Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota.

FERC issued a license on February 21, 2006 to SAF Hydro LLC, a subsidiary of Brookfield Renewable Power toconstruct and operate a hydropower facility on the Lowe St. Anthony Falls Lock and Dam on the Mississippi River.

SAF Hydro and the Corps signed a memorandum of agreement for access, design and construction in September 2006.

The Corps accepted SAF Hydro’s proposed design for the hydropower plant on March 5, 2009. Construction is underway and will be completed in fall 2010. Commercial operation is proposed to begin in December 2010.

The Corps and the Licensee will sign an operating memorandum of agreement prior to the plant beginning commercial operation.

Source: USACE