Marseilles Lock and Dam Project : P-13351

[ Active ]

Waterway: Illinois R

Authorized capacity: 10.26 mW

License issued: 12/15/2011
License expires: 11/30/2061

Licensee: Marseilles Land & Water Company

The proposed project would be constructed on the Marseilles Lock and Dam owned by the US Army Corps of Engineers.

Marseilles L&W proposes to refurbish and use the two existing headraces to divert up to 8,000 cfs of flow from the Illinois River above the dam and channel it to a proposed powerhouse. Each headrace has existing gated control structures (head gates) that are owned by the Corps and would be operated by Marseilles L&W pursuant to an agreement with the Corps. The South Head Race would be shortened from approximately 1,700 feet long to 170 feet long by constructing a bulkhead retaining wall immediately downstream of the south head gates, so that inflow through the South Head Race would be diverted into the North Head Race.

Source: FERC