Missouri-Madison : P-2188

[ Active ]

Waterway: Missouri R

Authorized capacity: 326.9 mW

License issued: 9/27/2000
License expires: 8/31/2040

Licensee: Northwestern Corporation

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The Missouri-Madison project consists of nine developments on the Madison and Missouri Rivers in Gallatin, Madison, Lewis and Clark, and Cascade Counties, in southwestern Montana.

The Missouri-Madison Hydroelectric Project develops hydropower on a 324-mile stretch of the Madison and Missouri Rivers.[1]  The Madison River combines with the Gallatin and Jefferson Rivers[2] to form the Missouri River, which flows north toward the City of Great Falls, Montana.  The Hebgen and Madison Developments are located on the Madison River.  The other seven developments  (Hauser, Holter, Black Eagle, Rainbow, Cochrane, Ryan, and Morony) are located on the Missouri River, downstream from the Bureau of Reclamation’s Canyon Ferry Hydroelectric Project.  The last five developments are clustered near and downstream of the City of Great Falls.  All nine developments have dams.  Eight of the nine developments have power generating facilities, while the Hebgen Development is used as a storage facility.

[1]The nine developments are located between river miles 40 and 103 of the Madison River, and between river miles 2,105 and 2,237 of the Missouri River.

[2]These rivers were explored by Captains Meriwether Lewis and William Clark during their epic journey of 1804-1806.  James Madison was at that time serving as Secretary of State in President Thomas Jefferson’s cabinet, while Albert Gallatin was Secretary of the Treasury.



License Application Filed 11-25-1992
FEIS Issued 09-01-1999
License Issued 09-27-2000