Occoquan River : P-10828

[ Archived / decommissioned ]

Waterway: Occoquan Cr

Authorized capacity: 1.35 mW

License issued: 3/5/1991
License expires: 2/28/2021


The license for this project was surrendered in 2009. Read the surrender order from 2009 and the acceptance letter from FERC from 2013 stating that all conditions for surrender have been met.

This is primarily a water supply project, with two dams that were also used for hydroelectric generation.

The Upper Dam is 72 ft high and impounds an area of 1840 acres. The Upper Dam has two 500 KW generating units. The Lower Dam is 22 ft high dam and forms a 19-acre reservoir. This dam has a single 350 kW generating unit located in the pumping station.

The Upper Dam is located on the Occoquan River, approximately 0.5 mile upstream of the Lower Dam and 1.2 miles upstream of the Town of Occoquan.

In January 2009, Fairfax Water, the licensee for the hydroelectric project, filed a license surrender application with FERC stating that the project is no longer economical to operate.

In its application for license surrender, Fairfax Water proposes to keep both the upper and lower dams for continued use in water supply storage.  Further, the applicant proposes to decommission the powerhouse, generating units, and penstock at the upper dam.  The existing powerhouse intake structure and the draft tube pit will be backfilled with concrete. The applicant proposes to construct a new, gated, reinforced concrete tower within the footprint of the demolished portion of the powerhouse at the upper dam.  The applicant also proposes to remove all generating units located in a pump station near the lower dam.  The penstock for the lower dam is to remain in place.



Application for Surrender of License Filed 01-14-2009