Oswegatchie River : P-2713

[ Active ]

Waterway: E Br Oswegatchie R

Authorized capacity: 28.56 mW

License issued: 11/26/2012
License expires: 12/31/2053

Licensee: Erie Boulevard Hydropower, L.p.

This project located in upstate New York began operations in 1913 but was halted from 1992 to 2002 due to collapse of the wooden intake flume. A reconstruction allowed the project to operate again after 2002.

The project has six developments located along a 90-mile stretch of the Oswegatchie River in St. Lawrence County, New York.2 The six developments are: Browns Falls, Flat Rock, South Edwards, Oswegatchie, Heuvelton, and Eel Weir.

1.       The Browns Falls Development

·         located at river mile (RM) 96.9 and consists of a 941-foot-long, 69-foot-high concrete gravity dam

·         creates a 7,500-foot-long bypassed reach

2.       Flat Rock Development

·         located at RM 95.5 and consists of a 658-foot-long, 70-foot-high concrete gravity dam

·         no bypassed reach at this development. Erie operates and maintains a boat launch and picnic area at the Flat Rock Development.

3.       South Edwards Development

·         located at RM 87.1 and consists of a 214.5-foot-long, 48-foot-high dam

·         creates a 1,500-foot-long bypassed reach

4.       Oswegatchie Development

·         located at RM 86.6 and consists of a 160-foot-long, 12-foot-high dam

·         creates a 350-foot-long bypassed reach

5.       Heuvelton Development

·         located at RM 12 and consists of a 285-foot-long, 19-foot-high concrete gravity dam

·         no bypassed reach at this development.  Erie operates and maintains a picnic area at the Heuvelton Development

6.       Eel Weir Development

·         located at RM 5.1 and consists of a 1,122-foot-long, 26-foot high dam

·         no bypassed reach at this development.  Erie operates and maintains a canoe portage route at the Eel Weir Development.

The four upstream developments (i.e., Browns Falls, Flat Rock, South Edwards, and Oswegatchie) are operated as peaking facilities, while the two downstream developments (i.e., Heuvelton and Eel Weir) operate in a run-of-river mode.  Combined, the six developments generate approximately 129,096 megawatt-hour (MWh) annually.

Source: FERC



Study Plan Determination Issued 11-06-2008
NOI/PAD Submitted 12-28-2007
License Application Filed 12-30-2010
Settlement Agreement Filed with FERC 02-08-2011
EA Issued 10-18-2011
License Issued 11-26-2012