Pelton Round Butte : P-2030

[ Active ]

Waterway: Deschutes R

Authorized capacity: 409.65 mW

License issued: 6/21/2005
License expires: 5/31/2055

Licensee: Portland General Electric Co

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Portland General Electric and Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs jointly own and operate the Pelton Round Butte Project which consists of three developments located on the Deschutes River, Crooked River, and Metolius River.

A Settlement was signed in 2004 between the licensee, agencies and Coalition members that governs the operation of the project.

The powerhouses for all three developments are integral with each of the three project dams.

The 247.12-MW Round Butte Development is the uppermost development and includes the 4,000-acre Lake Billy Chinook, the project’s largest storage reservoir.  Lake Billy Chinook is located on the Deschutes, Metolius, and Crooked Rivers.

The dam for the 100.8-MW Pelton Development is located on the Deschutes River about 7 miles downstream from the Round Butte Dam.  The 540-acre Pelton reservoir, known as     Lake Simtustus, begins at the base of the Round Butte Dam.

The 18.9-MW Reregulating Development is the most downstream development; its 190-acre reservoir on the Deschutes River extends from the tailwater of the Pelton Dam 2.5 miles downstream to the Reregulating Dam.

Source: FERC License