Pit 3, 4, & 5 : P-233

[ Active ]

Waterway: Pit R

Authorized capacity: 312.33 mW

License issued: 7/2/2007
License expires: 7/1/2047

Licensee: Pacific Gas And Electric Co

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This 312.33-megawatt (MW) project is located on the Pit River in Shasta County, California.

The Pit 3, 4, 5 Project occupies 4,330 acres, of which 3,259 acres are owned by PG&E, 746 acres are part of the Shasta National Forest, and 325 are privately owned.

The project consists of three developments, with a total of four dams, four reservoirs, three powerhouses. The developments extend along the Pit River, with Pit 3 the furthest upstream and Pit 5 the furthest downstream.


Settlement completed. 08-29-2006
401 Water Quality Certification issued 08-15-2006
SWRCB issues draft 401 certification 12-21-2005
FERC files final EIS. 06-21-2004
Final license application filed with FERC 11-04-2003
Settlement signed with FERC. Read CHRC member press release: 10-31-2003
License Issued 07-02-2007