Red Rock Hydroelectric Project : P-12576

[ Active ]

Waterway: Des Moines R

Authorized capacity: 36.39 mW

License issued: 4/18/2011
License expires: 3/31/2061

Licensee: Western Minnesota Mun Pwr Agny

The 36.39 MW project will be connected to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) Red Rock Dam, which is located on the Des Moines River in Marion County, Iowa

The Red Rock Project will include the following facilities: a 127-foot-long by 19- foot-wide intake structure located on the upstream side of the existing Corps spillway; three 19-foot-diameter, 211-foot-long penstocks passing through the left side of the existing spillway; a 59-foot-long by 132-foot-wide powerhouse located directly downstream of the existing spillway that will house three new 12.13-MW generators with vertical Kaplan turbines and have a total installed capacity of 36.39 MW; a 125-foot-long tailrace; trashracks with an associated cleaning system; aeration systems installed on the project turbines; a 450-foot-long main access road connecting the powerhouse to County Road 216th Place; a 150-foot-long secondary access road connecting the powerhouse’s crane pad to the main access road; a 4.5-mile-long, 69-kilovolt (kV) transmission line parts of which will be buried (a total of about 0.8 mile or 4,200 feet) and the remainder of which will be overhead; and appurtenant facilities.

Source: FERC