Sheep Creek : P-14480

[ Archived / decommissioned ]

Waterway: Sheep Cr

Authorized capacity: 0 mW

License issued:
License expires:


On July 1, 2014, FERC ruled that a FERC license was not required for this project. Alaska Electric Light and Power because

  • the project does not occupy any public lands or reservations of the United States
  • the project does not use surplus water or waterpower from a Federal government dam
  • there is insufficient evidence to determine whether Sheep Creek is navigable. However, Sheep Creek is a Commerce Clause stream because it flows into the Gastineau Channel, a navigable water of the United States,  and the project will be constructed after August 26, 1935.

The sole remaining question is whether the project will affect the interests of interstate or foreign commerce. The Commission determined that the proposed project would not have a real and substantial effect on anadromous fish and would therefore not affect the interests of interstate or foreign commerce.

Alaska Electric Light and Power, the permit holder, then surrendered the preliminary permit for the project in October 2014 which FERC noticed and effectively terminated on November 7, 2014.

The proposed project would consist of:

(1) a 10-foot-high, 75-foot-long concrete diversion dam at an elevation of 620 feet above mean sea level;
(2) an overflow spillway;
(3) a 4,750-foot-long, 36-inch-diameter penstock;
(4) a powerhouse containing a single, 3.3-megawatt generating unit;
(5) a tailrace that would discharge directly into Sheep Creek;
(6) a switchyard, located adjacent to the powerhouse, consisting of a single 3.5- megavolt-ampere transformer to adjust voltage to 23 kilovolts; and
(7) appurtenant facilities.
The project would generate an estimated average of 13,317 megawatt-hours annually.