Soule : P-13528

[ Proposed ]

Waterway: Soule River

Authorized capacity: 77 mW

License issued: 5/20/2013
License expires: 4/30/2016


After the first perliminary permit expired, Soule Hydro filed a succesive perliminary permit application on Sept 1, 2012 which FERC approved on may 20, 2013.

Soule Hydro has proposed a highter dam (265-foot-high, 903-foot-long) in  its second application and proposed an installed capacity of 77 MW.

In a progress report filed in February 2013, APT stated that it is making progress on the project and is seeking Presidential Permit from the State Department to connect the project with powe grid in British Columbia.

Proposed Project Structures:

  • 160-foot-high, 1000-foot- long concrete dam;
  • 12,000 foot-long tunnel;
  • 9.7 mile-long 138 kV transmission;
  • 2.6-mile-long road.