Susitna-Watana : P-14241

[ Proposed ]

Waterway: Susitna R

Authorized capacity: 600 mW

License issued: 3/10/2012
License expires: 2/28/2015



  • 700-foot-high, concrete dam (length not specified;design not yet decided);
  • Internal penstocks (dam to powerhouse at toe of dam);
  • 35-mile-long to 65-mile-long, 230 kV transmission;
  • 44-mile-long to 50-mile-long road access.

The projected cost is at or over $4.5 billion, not including transmission. There is significant public support as well as opposition for the project.

The project would affect 221 miles of Susitna River.

The Watana Reservoir will inundate the confluences and up to 1to 2 miles upstream of Deadman (RM 186), Watana (RM 194), Kosina (RM 206.8), Goose (RM 231.3), and Jay creeks, along with the Oshetna River (RM 233).

(if juvenile salmon from tributaries to Susitna River overwinter in Susitna River, then more than 1,500 miles of additional river/stream may be affected)