Walker Lake : P-14424

[ Archived / decommissioned ]

Waterway: Walker Lake

Authorized capacity: 0 mW

License issued:
License expires:


In November 2014, the Tlingit Haida Regional Electrical Authority surrendered the preliminary permit for the project because efforts to obtain funding had been unsuccessful. FERC made the permit ineffective December 24, 2014.

FERC granted perliminary permit for this project to Tlingit Haida Regional Electrical Authority citing municipal preference. The Southern Energy Inc. had also applied for a preliminary permit for this project (P-14346).

Tlingit-Haida Regional Electric Authority proposes to build:

  • two rock-filled dams approximately 15-foot-wide, and 250- and 325-foot-long, respectively, increasing the usable capacity of Walker Lake to 4,300 acre-feet at a normal maximum operating elevation of 1,195 feet above mean sea level (msl);
  • a concrete spillway and diversion channel for controlled releases to Walker Creek;
  • a concrete intake at elevation 1,170 feet msl diverting flow into the penstock;
  • a 24-inch-diameter, 11,000-foot-long penstock, of which approximately 10,000 feet would be buried and 1,000 feet would be above ground;
  • a powerhouse containing one generating unit with an installed capacity of one megawatt;
  • a 50-foot-long tailrace connecting the powerhouse with the Little Salmon River;
  • a 4-mile-long, 12.5-kilovolt transmission line extending from the project to an interconnection location near the Klehini River Bridge; and
  • appurtenant facilities.

The estimated annual generation of the Authority’s Walker Lake Project would be 3,615 MWh.