Warrior River : P-2165

[ Active ]

Waterway: Black Warrior R

Authorized capacity: 211.49 mW

License issued: 3/31/2010
License expires: 2/28/2040

Licensee: Alabama Power Co

The Warrior River Hydroelectric Project includes the Lewis Smith and Bankhead developments.

The Lewis Smith development is located in north central Alabama in the headwaters of the Black Warrior River on the Sipsey Fork in Cullman, Walker, and Winston Counties.

The Bankhead development is located in west central Alabama downstream of the Lewis Smith development, on the Black Warrior River in Tuscaloosa County.

The Lewis Smith development occupies 2,691.44 acres of federal lands administered by the U.S. Forest Service, and the Bankhead development occupies 18.7 acres of federal lands administered by the Bureau of Land Management.



Draft EA Released 03-07-2008
License Order Issued 03-31-2010