West Branch St. Regis River : P-10461

[ Active ]

Waterway: St. Regis River

Authorized capacity: 6.8 mW

License issued: 9/27/2002
License expires: 8/31/2042

Licensee: Erie Boulevard Hydropower, LP

This project consists of 2.4-megawatt (MW) Parishville Hydroelectric Project (FERC No. 10461) and 4.4-MW Allens Falls HydroelectricProject (FERC No. 10462) both located on the West Branch of St. Regis River in St. Lawrence County, New York.

The project provides an average annual generation of 34,730 megawatt-hours. The Parishville Project, furthest upstream, discharges into the Allens Falls Projectimpoundment.

The Parishville development consists of a dam, a 70-acre reservoir, a 2,561-foot-long penstock, a powerhouse housing a 2.4-MW turbine/generator unit, a 4.8-kV transmission line, and appurtenant facilities.

The Allens Falls development consists of a concrete gravity-type dam, a 108-acre reservoir, a 9,344- foot-long pipeline, a surge tank, an 886-foot-long penstock, a powerhouse housing a 4.4-MW turbine/generator unit, a 2.4-mile-long 115-kV transmission line, and appurtenant facilities.

The Settlement Agreement filed before FERC addresses multiple issues. The Settlement was signed by: Adirondack Mountain Club, American Rivers, American Whitewater, Erie Boulevard, New York Rivers United, New York State Conservation Council, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, St. Lawrence County, Town of Parishville, Trout Unlimited, US DOI, and US FWS



Settlement Filed 09-11-2001
FEA Issued 08-08-2002
DEA Issued 03-22-2002
License Issued 09-27-2002