Whitestone Poncelet : P-13305

[ Active ]

Waterway: Tanana River

Authorized capacity: 0.1 mW

License issued: 10/19/2012
License expires: 9/30/2012


FERC issued a pilot-license, valid for 5 years, for this project on Ocotber 19, 2012. The 100-kilowatt (kW) hydrokinetic project would be located on the Tanana River at its confluence with the Delta River, near the town of Delta Junction in Alaska.

The project would consist of the following:
One pontoon-mounted, 12-foot wide, 16-foot diameter Poncelet undershot water wheel with a nominal capacity of 100 kW
A float with a total footprint on the water surface of 34-feet by 19-feet
Float-to-shore mooring system and electrical power transmission cabling
Vessel mounted switch gear and appropriate navigational safety appurtenances
A staging area with two 40-ft storage connexes

FERC released an EA for the proposed project in July 2012 and final license in October 2012.