Williams Dam : P-13346

[ Active ]

Waterway: EF White River

Authorized capacity: 4 mW

License issued: 9/8/2014
License expires: 8/31/2064


The 4.0-megawatt (MW) project will be located at the Indiana Department of Natural Resources’ (Indiana DNR) existing Williams dam, on the East Fork White River, near the Town of Williams, Lawrence County, Indiana.

The East Fork White River originates near Columbus, Indiana at the confluence of the Driftwood and Flatrock rivers and flows 200 miles southwest before its confluence with the West Fork White River near Petersburg, Indiana. The East Fork White River and West Fork White River join to form the White River, which flows approximately 50 miles before its confluence with the Wabash River. The Wabash River flows into the Ohio River as part of the Mississippi River Basin.

The Williams dam, owned and operated by Indiana DNR, was constructed in 1910 by the Bedford Power Company to generate hydroelectricity and was later owned and operated by a series of utilities until the project’s decommissioning in the 1950s. The dam is a 294-foot-long, 21.3-foot-high concrete structure with a full-length, uncontrolled spillway at a crest elevation of 472.2 feet North American Vertical Datum of 1988.

Under the new license, parts of and existing but abandoned powerhouse and intake bay structure will be refurbished and used for the new project.

Source: FERC