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What happens to fish populations when dams are removed?

From Idaho Rivers United  |  11/17/2021

In 2014, the final pieces of two dams on the Elwha River in Washington were removed. The famous river restoration and fish recovery story was decades in the making and culminated in what is now a free-flowing Elwha from its source high in Olympic National Park to the sea. The river became a living laboratory […]

As the Elwha rushes back to life, hope for river restoration nationwide

From Hydropower Reform Coalition  |  9/26/2021

HRC in the news: This opinion piece on the Elwha restoration and the need for more dam removals, written by Tom Kiernan, President and CEO of American Rivers, was published in The Seattle Times.

Celebrating a Decade of Recovery on the Elwha River

From Hydropower Reform Coalition  |  9/15/2021

This week we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Elwha River Restoration project and the commencement of dam removal on the Elwha River. The removal of Elwha Dam and Glines Canyon Dam represents the biggest dam removal effort in the United States; reflecting back on that achievement after a decade has passed we are witness to a river that has made, and continues to make, a remarkable recovery.

Protecting the Olympic Peninsula: The Future of the Wild Olympics Act

From American Rivers  |  4/22/2021

When anyone asks me my favorite color, I simply say ‘Hoh River Blue’ and show them this photo: Hoh River, WA | Photo by Colin Wiseman The jaw dropping Hoh River on Washington state’s Olympic Peninsula is just one of the 19 rivers and their tributaries that are proposed to receive federal protection under the […]

Elwha River is ascendent six years after the last dam came out

From Trout Unlimited  |  3/19/2021

The years 2012 and 2015 are important years for the Elwha River, and for salmon and steelhead on the West Coast. Those years are when the Elwha and Glines Canyon dams, respectively, were fully deconstructed on Washington’s Elwha — and salmon and steelhead were able to pass them for the first time in a century. … Read more

The post Elwha River is ascendent six years after the last dam came out appeared first on Trout Unlimited.

A bold plan for salmon, clean energy and jobs in the Pacific Northwest

From American Rivers  |  2/9/2021

Two summers ago, I floated the Middle Fork Salmon, in the heart of Idaho’s Frank Church–River of No Return Wilderness. The trip had everything, spectacular scenery, great fishing, wonderful companions. The only thing missing was abundant salmon and steelhead which, before the construction of the four lower Snake River dams, made the 800 mile journey […]

The Phoenix in the Elwha River

From Trout Unlimited  |  10/17/2019

Editors note: This piece originally appeared in the opinion section of the Spokesman-Review. It is often difficult, if not impossible, to restore wild places to their former ecological and aesthetic glory once human development has altered them. But in some cases, the vitality of wild places can be recovered. The Elwha River on Washington state’s Olympic […]

Summer steelhead in the Elwha rise from the ashes

From Trout Unlimited  |  10/19/2018

Should we invest in dam removal? It’s a question that many communities, businesses and policy-makers are facing these days — partly because of aging infrastructure and financial liabilities, and partly because of legal obligations to protect water quality and recover declining salmon and steelhead populations.

Washington Dams With Fishery or Recreation Issues

From American Whitewater  |  8/18/2018

American Whitewater has developed a Story Map showing several Washington dams with impacts on fisheries and river-based recreation. Some may be candidates for removal while others could be modified to eliminate or reduce impacts. Several successful dam removals are also included in this story map.

Elwha River’s health rebounding as biggest dam removal in history nears completion

From American Rivers  |  8/25/2014

(Seattle, WA) – With the final blasts scheduled to remove the remaining 35 feet of Glines Canyon Dam in the coming weeks, the nation’s biggest dam removal project on Washington’s Elwha River is nearing completion. The river restoration effort, which kicked off in 2011, is surpassing expectations and showing great progress, from fish returning, to native […]