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Flows and Aesthetics Guide

Hydro guidesFrom Hydropower Reform Coalition  |  5/1/2017

This guide is designed to help participants involved in federal hydropower licensing processes or water rights adjudications (including regulators, applicants, agencies, tribes, and other stakeholders) better understand, assess, and design flows to protect aesthetic resources.


Citizen Guide to License Implementation

Case Studies › Hydro guides › Sample pleadingsFrom Hydropower Reform Coalition  |  6/1/2019

This guide explains how to effectively participate in the implementation of hydropower license, geared towards citizens.


Hydrokinetic Recreation Guide

Hydro guidesFrom Hydropower Reform Coalition  |  12/1/2010

The Hydrokinetic Energy Projects & Recreation: A Guide to Assessing Impacts, or the MHK Recreation Guide, provides general information about hydrokinetic technologies and the permitting process, identifies potential recreational concerns, and suggests ways to study and mitigate those impacts. 


Flows and Recreation Guide

Hydro guidesFrom Hydropower Reform Coalition  |  10/1/2005

This Flows and Recreation Guide is intended to facilitate decision-making to define flows for recreation on regulated rivers.


Science Guide

Hydro guidesFrom Hydropower Reform Coalition  |  7/1/2006

The Science Guide discusses the range of studies available to evaluate the effects of a typical hydropower project, advising on the advantages and disadvantages of an approach. Included is a matrix that catalogues all potential project effects, organized by resource area.