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From Trout Unlimited   1/12/2021

It’s time for the lower Snake River dams to go

From American Rivers   1/12/2021

In defense of democracy

From Appalachian Mountain Club   1/8/2021

A Reflection on Chaos at The Capitol

From our Twitter feed

Klamath Tribes reclaim ancestral lands

THIS WEEK: Do you have questions about hydropower or the relicensing process happening now? It’s a complex process and can be confusing. It also has a huge impact on the health of your rivers -- not just in NH, VT & MA where the dams are located but all…

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Featured topics   10/20/2020

The Role of Hydropower in a Clean Energy Economy

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Case Studies   6/1/2009

Pit 1, and Pit 3, 4, and 5 Projects

National data on hydropower dams