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From American Whitewater   1/21/2021

Dam Repairs to Affect Flows in New River Gorge and Dries

From American Whitewater   1/19/2021

Comments Can Help Shape Summersville Lake Management

From American Whitewater   1/14/2021

Plan to Improve North Fork Nooksack River Finalized

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Cost of maintenance & decommissioning of dams not sufficiently considered, as a result more and more people are living downstream of dangerously aging dams @WWFLeadWater @jjopperman @climateWWF @IUCN_Water

“Removal of the four dams would bring a great revival to the river.” - With an average age pushing 100-years and little energy to offer, it’s time to free the Kennebec. OpEd from @SalmonNews and @TroutUnlimited. #maine #river

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Featured topics   10/20/2020

The Role of Hydropower in a Clean Energy Economy

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Featured topics   1/1/1992

The Hydropower Reform Coalition Platform

Videos   10/7/2015

Free the Snake

National data on hydropower dams