Dam owners present hydropower as a “clean” technology. But outdated dams can hurt rivers.

Steelhead Photo by Will Boucher, California Trout

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From Hydropower Reform Coalition   8/18/2022

30 Years of Hydro Reform!

From American Rivers   10/3/2022

Supreme Court case puts your clean water at risk

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BREAKING: The Seattle Times published a powerful Op Ed by Yakama Nation Tribal Councilman Jeremy Takala and Columbia Riverkeeper Executive Director Lauren Goldberg, “Stop sacrificing Indigenous sacred sites in the name of climate change.” Read more: https://bit.ly/SeattleTimesGoldendale

“I can’t imagine a life without salmon and if you can’t either, it’s time to remove the dams.” - Amy Cordalis, Yurok Tribe

#ItCanBeDone #StandWithTribes #SaveOurSalmon

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Celebrating 10 years of Elwha River restoration

Our national map of hydropower dams


Reports › Tribal Resources   3/7/2021

Collaborations in Indian Country

Collaborations in Indian Country is a primer on the importance of social justice work and a collection of interviews with members of tribal nations that have worked closely with HRC and its members.

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