Dam owners present hydropower as a “clean” technology. But outdated dams can hurt rivers.

Lower Bear Creek Dam and Falls, WA Photo by Rich Bowers

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Pairing Hydropower with Battery Storage / May 11, 2-3pm ET

As more battery storage facilities come online across the country, hydropower projects are being evaluated for the opportunities to pair with battery storage in different ways. Conservation organizations, federal laboratories, and the hydropower industry are all investigating this potential. Hear about how pairing these energy production and storage technologies may allow for better run-of-river operations, and how this pairing could be used to mitigate hydro peaking. This discussion will be grounded in advocacy by the Connecticut River Conservancy and Alabama Rivers Alliance on the Connecticut and Tallapoosa Rivers.

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Celebrating 10 years of Elwha River restoration

Our national map of hydropower dams


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Guardians of the River

In this film by American Rivers and Swiftwater Films, Indigenous leaders share why removing four dams to restore a healthy Klamath River is critical for clean water, food sovereignty and justice. 

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