To protect, restore, and sustain the natural and human environment in Amador and Calaveras counties for the benefit of current and future generations.

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GreenGen Mokelumne Pumped Storage Project

GreenGen LLC recently released an annual progress report for its proposed Mokelumne Pumped Storage Project P-14796, which outlined activities over the past year and announced that it expects to file a draft pre-application document (PAD) with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) by early April 2022. To provide background, this project is a proposed pumped […]


GreenGen Mokelumne Water Battery Project Update

The GreenGen Mokelumne Water Battery Project is a hydropower project with a long history, beginning back in 2008 with the original proposal by PG&E. This “pumped storage” system would pump water from Salt Springs Reservoir into Upper or Lower Bear Reservoir at night while electricity prices are low. The water would then be sent back […]


GreenGen pumped storage holds virtual open house

As we’ve discussed in the previous newsletter, a private company called GreenGen Storage LLC is proposing to build a pumped-storage hydroelectric project on the Mokelumne River. It would use existing PG&E dams and reservoirs, and possibly expand some of them. The project would move water from either Upper Bear River Reservoir or Lower Bear River Reservoir to […]


Mokelumne “Water Battery” Project to begin studies

Courtesy photo: GreenGen Storage Some years ago, PG&E was studying a pumped-storage hydroelectric project on the Mokelumne River. The power project would have used Upper Bear River Reservoir, Lower Bear River Reservoir, or a new reservoir on Cole Creek as its upper reservoir, and Salt Springs Reservoir as the lower reservoir. The two reservoirs would be […]