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New Web Project Traces Every Waterway in Contiguous U.S.

From American Rivers  |  7/19/2021

Calling all river-lovers and map enthusiasts! A new web project called River Runner, created by data analyst Sam Learner, allows you to follow the path of a raindrop anywhere in the contiguous United States. Using data from the United States Geological Survey, Learner mapped the flow of water throughout all 48 adjoining states. Just click […]

IRU, Partners, File Injunction to Increase Spill and Lower Reservoir Levels to Aid Endangered Snake River Salmon

From Idaho Rivers United  |  7/16/2021

Earthjustice, representing Idaho Rivers United and several of our partner conservation organizations, filed an injunction today to increase spill over dams in the Lower Snake River and Columbia River, and to lower reservoir levels to aid juvenile migrating salmon. Salmon rely on cold, fast-moving currents for a successful migration, disrupted by slackwater reservoirs and the […]

Poor Klamath River Conditions Unable to Support Young Salmon

From California Trout  |  7/15/2021

For the first time in its 59-year-history, CDFW’s Iron Gate Fish Hatchery in Siskiyou County will not release its young salmon into the Klamath River as a result of the drought, disease, and other poor river conditions that would most likely doom the fish. The baby salmon, about seven months old and about three inches […]

Lower Snake River dam removal is a golden key, if not a silver bullet

From Trout Unlimited  |  7/15/2021

Salmon return to the Columbia River in this 2104 photo of the fish viewing window at Bonneville Dam, the first of eight dams salmon and steelhead from the Snake River basin must pass on their way home to spawn. Removing the four dams on the lower Snake River would give these migratory fish a fighting … Read more

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American Whitewater/Asian Pacific Islander Mental Health Day on the River

From American Whitewater  |  7/13/2021

By: Theresa Lorejo-Simsiman Earlier in the year, American Whitewater Southern Rockies Stewardship Director, Hattie Johnson, reached out to check on my well-being in the wake of anti-Asian hate crimes. She wanted to help the community in any way she could and offered a trip on the river as a venue for healing. It wasn’t long […]

21st Century Dams Act Introduced

From Hydropower Reform Coalition  |  7/9/2021

Today, Rep. Annie Kuster (NH-02), a member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, introduced H.R. 4375, the bipartisan Twenty-First Century Dams Act. This bill makes a $25.8 billion investment in enhancing the safety, grid resilience benefits, and power generating capacity of America’s existing dams while also providing historic funding to remove dams that are […]

“Supercharging” river restoration: a landmark bill to boost dam removal nationwide

From American Rivers  |  7/9/2021

This blog was written by Ted Illston and Brian Graber. The impacts of climate change — felt first and hardest on rivers and water resources in the form of floods and droughts — threaten fragile ecosystems, public health and safety, cultural heritage, our economy and our future. It’s why restoring healthy, free-flowing rivers must be a top priority for Congress and the Biden […]

The Snake River basin is a climate-change refuge for migrating salmon and steelhead

From Trout Unlimited  |  7/8/2021

The equation is simple. It’s hot. It’s going to get hotter, which is why it is so urgent to increase access for salmon and steelhead to the thousands of square miles of the most climate-resilient, high-elevation habitat in the Snake River basin by removing the lower four Snake River dams

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The Climate is Changing. So are We.

From Appalachian Mountain Club  |  7/7/2021

5 minute read The climate is changing. The concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2)—one of the atmosphere’s leading heat-trapping gases—is at its highest level in human history. Climate scientists warn that significant actions are necessary to slow climate change and its impacts. Every region is experiencing its own impacts of climate change. In recent decades in […]

The Basics of Climate Change: Science, Consequences, and Solutions

From Appalachian Mountain Club  |  7/7/2021

3 minute read What is a greenhouse gas? It’s freezing outside—how is the climate getting warmer? I’m only one person. What can I possibly do to slow the effects of climate change? Many of us have basic questions when it comes to understanding climate change. The science can be tricky, and misinformation—much of it deliberately […]