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Update on Centennial Dam

From South Yuba River Citizens League  |  10/19/2021

Nevada Irrigation District (NID) is re-engaging in an effort to plan for their future water needs. The resulting plan will be known as the Plan for Water and the public process kicks off on November 9th at 4PM. The final version of the plan will reassess hydrology, water supply, and demand over the next 50 years. […]

Major Milestone Met to Protect Mono Basin Ecosystem

From California Trout  |  10/12/2021

A major milestone in the effort to protect the Mono Basin ecosystem was reached last week. On October 1, 2021, the California State Water Board approved a comprehensive program to restore four key tributaries to Mono Lake, located in the Eastern Sierra near Yosemite. The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) will implement […]

Inclusive Outdoors Project: Improving Access to the Outdoors

From Appalachian Mountain Club  |  10/12/2021

Representation is a key piece to making the outdoors a more inclusive and welcoming place. While seeing more diversity in the world of professional athletes helps, it’s equally important to have this diversity in the groups we join in the outdoors. That’s where the mission of Inclusive Outdoors Project starts, as they strive to bridge […]

Soul of the Snake

From Trout Unlimited  |  9/29/2021

Congressman, Nez Perce Tribal leader, TU CEO say: Those who care about the imperiled Snake River salmon and steelhead need to speak up on their behalf—now.

As the Elwha rushes back to life, hope for river restoration nationwide

From Hydropower Reform Coalition  |  9/26/2021

HRC in the news: This opinion piece on the Elwha restoration and the need for more dam removals, written by Tom Kiernan, President and CEO of American Rivers, was published in The Seattle Times.

Idaho’s 2021 salmon and steelhead returns are abysmal. What is happening?

From Idaho Rivers United  |  9/22/2021

This year’s returns for Idaho’s salmon and steelhead have been abysmal. Columbia Basin steelhead returns are the lowest ever recorded since salmon run counts began at Bonneville Dam in 1945, falling 57% short of the already anemic pre-season run predictions. Fishing closures and restrictions have been implemented throughout the region, impacting guides, outfitters, and the […]

Rising River Temps Imperil Threatened Salmon

From South Yuba River Citizens League  |  9/20/2021

We are well into another year of a drought here in Nevada County and its impacts are being felt throughout the watershed as reservoirs continue to recede and wildfires proliferate. As we have written about in previous articles here and here, the drought is also affecting the Yuba and the species that call it home, […]

Anglers, hunters and outdoor recreation companies to Biden administration: The dams must come out

From Trout Unlimited  |  9/16/2021

The hunting and angling community is opening a new front in the campaign to restore Snake River salmon. This month, Trout Unlimited joined dozens of fish and wildlife groups and major outdoor recreation companies in calling on the Biden administration to develop a comprehensive solution to the collapse of salmon and steelhead populations that includes removing the four dams on the lower Snake River and investing billions of dollars in a reimagining of infrastructure in the Northwest.

Celebrating a Decade of Recovery on the Elwha River

From Hydropower Reform Coalition  |  9/15/2021

This week we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Elwha River Restoration project and the commencement of dam removal on the Elwha River. The removal of Elwha Dam and Glines Canyon Dam represents the biggest dam removal effort in the United States; reflecting back on that achievement after a decade has passed we are witness to a river that has made, and continues to make, a remarkable recovery.

Indigenous History in the White Mountains: An Interview with Abenaki Chief and Elder Paul Bunnell

From Appalachian Mountain Club  |  9/13/2021

Long before the Crawfords cut their namesake path to Mount Washington’s summit and brought the first tourists to New Hampshire’s White Mountains in the 19th century, the Indigenous Abenaki Tribe called these mountains home. The Abenaki considered Agiocochook—now widely known as Mount Washington—so sacred that climbing it was forbidden. The natural world provided the Abenaki […]