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Action Alert: Tell PG&E To Urgently Remove Eel River Dams

From California Trout  |  11/30/2023

On November 17, 2023, Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) released the initial draft of its plan to remove two dams on the Eel River. The plan calls for the complete and expeditious removal of most of the Potter Valley Project facilities, and it provides a number of options for consideration by stakeholders for how the […]

The Way Forward for the Eel River

From Trout Unlimited  |  11/28/2023

PG&E’s decommissioning plan for the Potter Valley Project on California’s Eel River would remove all in-river facilities and make it the longest free-flowing river in the state

Great Falls of the Catawba Good and Getting Better! (SC)

From American Whitewater  |  11/27/2023

By: Kevin Colburn We are happy to share a few updates on the Great Falls of the Catawba that we think you’ll enjoy as we reflect on the river’s first year of restored flows. First and foremost the first season was very successful with lots of happy visitors, consistent flow operations, and relatively few safety […]

Wild Atlantic Salmon Recovery in Maine: The “King of Fish” Makes a Comeback

From Appalachian Mountain Club  |  11/27/2023

A river streaming with silvery scales. Tens of thousands of determined fish, swimming upstream and leaping over barriers to spawn. Water teeming with life. This sight was once common from the Gulf of Maine to some of the most remote streams and ponds in the Appalachian Mountains. In late fall female salmon would burrow into […]

A Celebration on the Elwha River

From Trout Unlimited  |  11/21/2023

advocates for dam breaching, free-flowing waters and river restoration are celebrating the news that the Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe has been able to fish for coho salmon for the first time since two large dams blocking the Elwha River were removed a decade ago.

Utility Releases Fast-Track Plans for Removing Dams on California’s Eel River

From American Whitewater  |  11/17/2023

The removal of two dams blocking Northern California’s Eel River is one step closer to happening. On November 17, Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E), the owner of the dams, released its initial draft plan for dismantling the Scott and Cape Horn dams and relinquishing its license for the 113-year-old Potter Valley Hydroelectric Project.

PG&E Confirms Plan to Begin Full Removal of Eel River Dams

From California Trout  |  11/17/2023

All in-river facilities to be removed; Eel will be the longest free-flowing river in California On November 17, 2023, Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) released the initial draft (click the documents tab and enter password: PV_Surrender to download) of its plan to remove two dams on the Eel River. The plan calls for the […]

The “Practitioner’s Guide to Hydropower Dam Removal” is published

From Idaho Rivers United  |  11/15/2023

Idaho Rivers United, American Rivers, and the Hydropower Reform Coalition are proud to present the Practitioner’s Guide to Hydropower Dam Removal. This is a comprehensive guide for dam owners and practitioners on removing hydropower dams regulated by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). Removing dams is a common practice and a good option for dam […]

Salmon Recovery Update: Litigation Still on Hold As Parties Chart New Course for Region

From Idaho Rivers United  |  11/15/2023

IRU, alongside co-plaintiffs, agreed to a further pause in the long-running salmon litigation with the federal government at the end of last month. This stay will last until December 15th, giving parties time to review and consider a package of proposed federal actions and commitments to restore Snake River salmon. Earthjustice, who represents IRU and […]

PG&E and PacGen: A risky proposal for the Yuba River, our community, and ratepayers.

From South Yuba River Citizens League  |  11/14/2023

While many people are familiar with the miles of transmission lines that Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) owns, not as many know about their large portfolio of hydroelectric assets – the dams, reservoirs, and powerhouses — they operate. On the Yuba and Bear Rivers, PG&E owns the Drum Spaulding project that currently includes 24 dams […]