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Reservoir Emissions
Published  1/12/2024
Read the HRC's position statement on hydropower-caused greenhouse gas emissions, including our policy objectives.
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Decommissioning and removalPresentations and trainings
Published  12/14/2023
Dam removal can have huge benefits for rivers, people, and healthy ecosystems. Learn about critical elements of the policy and practice of removing hydropower dams, as well as the data and decision-making process behind successful projects. Learn when and how to get involved in the process, some key factors, and hear about specific case studies.
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Case StudiesDecommissioning and removalHydro Guides
Published  10/10/2023
This is a comprehensive guide for dam owners and practitioners on removing hydropower dams regulated by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). Removing dams is a common practice and a good option for dam owners or licensees who determine that the expense of ownership is too great relative to the benefits provided by their dams.
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Presentations and trainings
Published  8/10/2023
This introductory training introduced how hydropower licensing works, what you can achieve during a project licensing, how the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission works, and strategies for getting involved. Presenters: Colleen McNally-Murphy, Associate National Director, Hydropower Reform Coalition Kelly Catlett, Director of Hydropower Reform, American Rivers
Presentations and trainingsVideos
Published  2/23/2023
This workshop from FERC’s Office of Public Participation (OPP) provided useful information on what FERC is looking for in comments and how participants can be effective in filings.   Commissioner Danly made the following points: (minute 4:12) Any comment should be as brief as possible. Focus on being direct and persuasive. Be as clear as […]
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Presentations and trainingsTribal Resources
Published  2/22/2023
The Hydropower Reform Coalition was proud to co-sponsor this webinar with William & Mary’s Institute for Integrative Conservation. HRC Associate National Director, Colleen McNally-Murphy, moderated this discussion with Andy Fisher, Associate Professor of History at W&M. Panelists Jeremy Takala: Chair, Tribal Council Fish & Wildlife, Law & Order, and Legislative Committees (Yakama Nation, Kamiłtpah/Rock Creek […]
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Tools and Guides
Published  2/1/2023
Maps of hydropower FERC-regulated dams, with data on authorized capacity and license expiration. Maps of the US, New England, Upper Midwest, and Montana.
Decommissioning and removalReports
Published  2/1/2023
The economic analysis of the likely removal of the two Potter Valley Project dams shows significant economic benefit to the five-country region of study as well as across the State of California.
Academic ArticlesReservoir Emissions
Published  1/9/2023
Abstract: Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from reservoirs have most often been evaluated on a global extent through areal scaling or linear-regression models. These models typically rely on a limited number of characteristics such as age, size, and average temperature to estimate per reservoir or areal flux. Such approaches may not be sufficient for describing conditions […]
HRC or member-contributed
Reservoir EmissionsSample pleadingsTools and Guides
Published  12/8/2022
This sample study request proposes an assessment of the net greenhouse gas emissions from a hydropower project. It contains the scientific background and legal background for the request, including sections on goals and objectives, public interest considerations, existing information/need for additional information, project nexus, methodology, and level of cost and effort.