At California Trout, we work to ensure resilient wild fish thrive in healthy waters for a better California. It's our belief that abundant wild fish indicate healthy waters and that healthy waters benefit all Californians. With more than sixty large-scale, "boots on-the-ground" conservation projects underway, in tandem with public policy efforts in Sacramento, our six regional offices work tirelessly to advance our cause through a three-pillared approach to conservation.

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New Actions for Recovery of Endangered Winter-Run Chinook Salmon

For the first time since the construction of the Shasta Dam in the 1940s, endangered winter-run Chinook salmon have returned to the McCloud River upstream of Shasta Reservoir by way of egg release from a cohort of partners─ the Winnemem Wintu Tribe, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW), the National Oceanic and Atmospheric […]


Press Release: CalTrout & TU Statement on PG&E’s Potter Valley Project

Fish Conservation Groups Criticize PG&E’s Refusal to Protect Listed Salmon and Steelhead in the Eel River. Utility’s new filings set schedule for decommissioning the Potter Valley Project but refuse to make changes to project’s operations to protect fish in the meantime


Measuring Success of Battle Creek Restoration

CalTrout’s restoration project site in Eagle Canyon on Battle Creek recently received a visit and inspection by our Mt. Shasta-Klamath Region Director, Damon Goodman. Last year, we completed construction at this site to remove a rock barrier in the canyon that had been blocking fish passage. As a result, more than 8 miles of anadromous habitat became available for endangered winter-run Chinook salmon, with the first cohort this spring traveling from the ocean high into source waters along North Fork Battle Creek, the same reach of creek that was just restored.


Trout Clout: Victory for Protections of Southern Steelhead

California ESA Listing of Southern California Steelhead Advances The science and data are clear. Southern California steelhead are on the brink of extinction. Southern steelhead populations have been decimated at the southern end of their native range, plummeting from tens of thousands to a few hundred remaining adults due to habitat loss, fragmentation, and degradation […]


PG&E’s License Expires for Eel River Dams

It’s the beginning of the end for the Eel River dams. On April 14, 2022, PG&E’s 50-year license for the Potter Valley Project dams expired and it will not be renewed. The company will soon begin the process of license surrender, decommissioning, and ultimately dam removal. This is an important first step in the long […]


Environmental, Fishing Groups Give Notice of Intent to Sue Pacific Gas and Electric to Minimize Harms to Salmon Until Eel River Dams Are Removed

Eureka, California – A coalition of environmental and fishing groups has notified Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) that its two obsolete dams on the Eel River are violating the federal Endangered Species Act by harming federally protected salmon and steelhead. The five groups – Friends of the Eel River, California Trout, Trout Unlimited, Pacific Coast […]


Klamath Dam Removal Process Enters Home Stretch

Today the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) released its draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) on the proposed removal of the lower four Klamath River dams. The public is now invited to comment on the DEIS which describes the impacts and benefits of the project.


Trout Clout: Take Action to Protect Southern California Steelhead

Help Protect Southern California Steelhead California Trout is currently leading the effort to have Southern California steelhead (Oncorhynchus mykiss) listed as endangered under the California Endangered Species Act. We need your help to make this happen: View and sign our petition now and read on to learn why your signature matters. Listing the species as […]


Update: Potter Valley Project on the Eel River

A statement prepared by Redgie Collins (CalTrout’s Legal and Policy Director) and Curtis Knight (CalTrout’s Executive Director) A New Path Forward for Potter Valley Project Restoring Eel and Russian Rivers for the benefit of people and wildlife. In response to a recent decision from federal regulators, California Trout sees a clear path towards the removal […]


Infrastructure Bill and Improvements to Fish Passage

On November 15, 2021, President Joe Biden signed the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, a more than $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill into law before a bipartisan, celebratory crowd on the White House lawn. Sandra Jacobson, CalTrout’s South Coast and Sierra Director, and Chair of California’s Fish Passage Forum, took a detailed look at the […]