The mission of American Rivers is to protect wild rivers, restore damaged rivers and conserve clean water for people and nature.

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“That’s a lot of water…”

It was a lot of water. More water than I’m used to seeing rushing towards the canyon section of Northwest Washington state’s North Fork Nooksack River. A few stomachs flipped as we peered over the bridge at the thousands of cubic feet of water blowing right past us, but the excitement of rafting those giant […]


What does the Inflation Reduction Act mean for rivers

On August 16, 2022 President Biden signed into law the Inflation Reduction Act, which will provide an estimated $369 billion to tackle climate change over the next decade. That’s a big number, but what does it mean for rivers? Overall, this is a bold step forward, as it provides a significant investment that would cut […]


A New Threat Looms over California – A Megaflood

It has become clear that there’s another threat looming just over the horizon for California – a mega-flood. A new study from Daniel Swain and Xingying Huang of UCLA provides dire modeling of how climate change will impact weather patterns throughout the state, with periods of unprecedented rainfall expected to increase in frequency and intensity […]


Methane Emission is Hydropower’s Dirty Secret

As climate change fuels increasingly severe floods and droughts, the value of clean, healthy rivers becomes even more essential. And as we prioritize and increase investment in low- or no-carbon energy sources, it’s vital that we have all the information about costs and benefits of alternatives to fossil fuels. While hydropower dams will continue to play a role in our nation’s energy portfolio, it is important to acknowledge that both reservoirs and hydropower generation contribute to greenhouse gas emissions.


Access and Advocacy: Flying over Palavayu (the Little Colorado River)

For two early mornings in Spring, Hopi leaders, elders, and advocates joined with EcoFlight, American Rivers, and the Grand Canyon Trust to fly over Palavayu, or the Little Colorado River. This is no small feat for a 340-mile-long river. The primary purpose of the flights was to offer Hopi elders and cultural leaders—the people who’ve […]


Five Things You Should Know About California’s Drought

1.     With typically arid springs and summers, droughts are normal in California… but not at this intensity: Climate change is intensifying drought across the state, which puts the state in a precarious position that compromises water supplies for drinking and agriculture, increases wildfire risk, and threatens fish and wildlife. A recent study concluded California is […]


I’m a River Guide and Water Lawyer. I’m Scared for the Grand Canyon.

Jocelyn Gibbon is an attorney, policy consultant, and river guide based in Flagstaff, Arizona. She works on Arizona and Colorado River water and sustainability issues through her business, Freshwater Policy Consulting, and guides part-time in the Grand Canyon for Canyon Explorations. She often collaborates with American Rivers as part of her work with the Water for Arizona Coalition. […]


A spring in our step: progress for rivers

It has been a busy and productive spring! Big victories for rivers take time, and we celebrate every positive step. With the help of our supporters and partners, we’re building momentum every day. We’re using our national policy expertise to forge solutions that benefit rivers in your backyard, and nationwide. Here are three promising developments […]


America’s Most Endangered Rivers of 2022 Spotlights Rivers in Crisis Mode

Catastrophic drought. Disastrous floods. Fish and other freshwater species nearing extinction, as rivers heat up. Many people in the United States have imagined climate change as a problem in the future. But it is here now, and the primary way that each of us is experiencing climate change is through water. The climate crisis is […]


Reconnecting the Past: A Blackfeet Man Floats the Blackfoot River

Okii Nikso’kowaiksi, (Hello friends,) Pushing off from the boat launch that first day was nothing short of a miracle. That’s right, a miracle. In a strange way, it is quite miraculous for an Indigenous Blackfeet person like myself to go on a multi-day float trip, even as an ex-fishing guide on my own tribe’s namesake […]