The mission of American Rivers is to protect wild rivers, restore damaged rivers and conserve clean water for people and nature.

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Dollars and Dams: Building Safety into California’s Future

The near-failure of Oroville Dam on February 7, 2017 was a major wake-up call regarding the risks posed by dams in California and nationwide.  The January 5, 2023 spillway failure of the North Fork Dam on Pacheco Creek is an unfortunate sign that California has much work to do to ensure dam safety. The North […]


America’s Most Endangered Rivers® of 2023 Spotlights Human Health and Public Safety

Today we announce America’s Most Endangered Rivers of 2023.  From dams and outdated water management to toxic pollution and development projects that would devastate river habitats, this report spotlights ten rivers in the U.S. that are at a crossroads and whose fates will be decided in the coming year. This year’s list underscores how essential […]


Dam Removals Continue Across The U.S. in 2022

Dam removal practitioners across the country are continuing to break down river barriers— 65 dams were removed across the country in 2022, reconnecting more than 430 upstream river miles across 20 states. We look forward to a year in which dams are reported to be removed in all 50 states! In the meantime, we celebrate […]


It Snowed – Is The Colorado River Saved?

With the substantial amount of snow that has fallen across the Colorado River basin over the past couple of months, I have been asked many questions about the state of the drought, and whether all this precipitation will reverse the severe declines in both Lake Powell and Lake Mead. Will all this snow “save” the […]


The Fate of a Dam in Cherokee

Joey Owle’s quest to remove a dam, secure the future of native species, and restore Long Man The cicadas drone as Joey and I chat over coffees on a gorgeous late-summer morning along the Oconaluftee River in Cherokee, North Carolina. A few leaves on the trees are starting to turn yellow and spiral their way […]


Key Takeaways from the Omnibus Spending Package: What’s in it for rivers?

In the remaining days of 2022, we’re happy to share some important wins for rivers – including funding for critical clean water and river restoration programs, as well as new Wild and Scenic River designations. While there’s much to be thankful for, the bill still has a number of shortcomings. In this blog, we break […]


Effort to Restore North Carolina’s Oconaluftee River Advances

Contact: Molly Phillips, Mainspring Conservation Trust, 828.524.2711 or Chuck Ahlrichs, Northbrook Carolina Hydro II, LLC 480.551.1221 or Erin McCombs, American Rivers, 828.649.7887 or Joey Owle, Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, 828.359.6260 or A regionally and nationally significant river restoration project is moving forward on the Oconaluftee River, where a coalition of […]


Sound Rivers: Keepers of the Neuse River

Progress is the reason American Rivers named the Neuse River its 2022 River of the Year — progress since the passage of the Clean Water Act 50 years ago and progress that is yet to come. None of it could be accomplished without the dedication and determination of the communities along the Neuse’s banks. Leading […]


Five key lessons as world’s biggest dam removal project will soon begin on the Klamath River

After more than 100 years of being dammed, the lower Klamath River will flow free once again. To be able to make that statement, it has taken decades of advocacy by Tribes who depend on a living Klamath River for their cultural identity and for their food security. It has also taken years of effort […]


The mighty Mississippi running dry: what you need to know

Water levels in the Mississippi River hit record lows in the past month. The drought is impacting shipping along the river, along with business and tourism in river communities.