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Variability in modelled reservoir greenhouse gas emissions: comparison of select US hydropower reservoirs against global estimates

Academic Articles › Reservoir EmissionsFrom Environmental Research Communications  |  1/9/2023


Sample Study Request for Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Reservoir Emissions › Sample pleadings › Tools and GuidesFrom Hydropower Reform Coalition, Alabama Rivers Alliance  |  12/8/2022

This sample study request proposes an assessment of the net greenhouse gas emissions from a hydropower project. It contains the scientific background and legal background for the request, including sections on goals and objectives, public interest considerations, existing information/need for additional information, project nexus, methodology, and level of cost and effort.


Factsheet: Hydropower Dams Across the U.S. are Leaking Methane

Factsheets › Reservoir EmissionsFrom Hydropower Reform Coalition  |  12/8/2022

Read this factsheet to learn more about where emissions at hydropower dams come from, how bad it is, and what we can do about it. 


Hydropower flexibility valuation tool for flow requirement evaluation

Academic ArticlesFrom Energy Reports  |  12/6/2022


G-Res Tool Tutorial

Reservoir Emissions › VideosFrom Alabama Rivers Alliance, V-SCI, Hydropower Reform Coalition  |  11/3/2022