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Progress Report: two years in to the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law

From American Rivers  |  2/9/2024


The biggest river stories of 2023

From American Rivers  |  11/5/2023


YFN: November/December Newsletter

From South Yuba River Citizens League  |  11/1/2023


Practitioner’s Guide to Hydropower Dam Removal

Case Studies › Hydro GuidesFrom Hydropower Reform Coalition, American Rivers  |  10/10/2023

This is a comprehensive guide for dam owners and practitioners on removing hydropower dams regulated by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). Removing dams is a common practice and a good option for dam owners or licensees who determine that the expense of ownership is too great relative to the benefits provided by their dams.


Challenging the Hydropower Clean Energy Future Act: SYRCL’s Perspective

From South Yuba River Citizens League  |  10/2/2023