Undamming the Klamath: A Deep Dive, with Amy Cordalis and Mark Bransom

8/10/2023  |  Fish Water People Podcast
History is being made right now on the Klamath River. By the end of 2024, four Klamath River dams will be removed — the largest dam removal and river restoration project in U.S. history. We talk with Amy Cordalis, a member of the Yurok tribe, about tribal empowerment, what a restored Klamath River means to native people, and her optimism for the future. Mark Bransom of the Klamath River Renewal Corporation also joins the conversation to walk us through the dam removal process, what we can expect from sediment release from the reservoirs, and post dam removal restoration activities. Join us for this deep dive into the Klamath with an extended episode of the Fish Water People podcast.

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