Myth of the Hydrosystem: the safety of dams

Myth of the Hydrosystem: the safety of dams

In November of 2017, with the Hebgen Dam’s final phase of its $40 million upgrade and rehabilitation nearly completed, it now had the latest in safety and technological improvements. Despite being a state of the art facility, less than four years since those upgrades...

Jack’s Winter Policy Update

POLICY UPDATES from Alabama Rivers Alliance Leaves have fallen, special legislative sessions have come to an end, and as we enjoy the holidays, I give thanks for the restorative powers of Alabama’s marvelous creeks, streams, rivers, lakes and bays. Last month, I was...

Rule That Gutted State Authority To Protect Rivers Below Dams Overturned!

Late in the evening on Thursday, October 21, a coalition of advocates, including American Whitewater won a significant victory for clean water when a federal district court vacated a Clean Water Act rule put in place by the previous administration. Today’s order from the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California restores state and Tribal authority to ensure federally permitted activities, including hydroelectric dams, affecting rivers and lakes comply fully with state and tribal laws protecting clean water.