Inclusive Outdoors Project: Improving Access to the Outdoors

Published 10/12/2021  |  Appalachian Mountain Club

Unlikely Stories Podcast

Representation is a key piece to making the outdoors a more inclusive and welcoming place. While seeing more diversity in the world of professional athletes helps, it’s equally important to have this diversity in the groups we join in the outdoors. That’s where the mission of Inclusive Outdoors Project starts, as they strive to bridge the gap between affinity spaces and outdoor organizations.

In this episode, Inclusive Outdoors Project founders Sophia Bielsky and Vasu Sojitra discuss the philosophy and mission behind their organization, and how their clinics are helping to shift the perceptions of the outdoor industry. They outline the importance of affinity groups, and how through those it creates an atmosphere of inclusivity and eases anxiety when trying a new activity.

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